WhatsApp cryptomunt appears in the first half of 2019


In the first half of this year, Facebook plans to release the WhatsApp crypto coin. It must be feasible to reward each other with this coin. Other chat applications work on their own cryptocurrency as well.

If it’s up to the different chat apps, we won’t pay each other anymore through the app from our bank, but merely through WhatsApp, Telegram or Signal. WhatsApp will have its own crypto coin in the first half of 2019, which you can use to send payments to friends and relatives, according to sources at The New York Times. Facebook’s parent business is already at an advanced point.

In the first half of 2019, the WhatsApp crypto coin

We wrote previously about a WhatsApp crypto currency’s possible arrival. Bloomberg revealed that there were plans for such a currency in WhatsApp at the moment. The New York Times has more information on this coin now. The objective is to create a payment system comparable to PayPal, so you can create payments between distinct nations readily. David Marcus, former PayPal chairman, leads the Facebook project.

With the WhatsApp cryptocurrency, Facebook is already at an advanced point. Facebook talks with merchants on how to sell the coins to customers, according to the sources. Where the cryptocurrency will be available in nations is still uncertain, but there is a strong possibility that WhatsApp will concentrate first on nations where the present financial system is less accessible, such as India. WhatsApp said previously that in more nations WhatsApp Pay will be rolled out. Perhaps that has something to do with this crypto coin’s growth. For the first time in the first half of the year, the coin should be accessible.

WhatsApp plans to maintain the currency value equal to all kinds of foreign currencies. A stablecoin, where the value is equal to the dollar, was discussed earlier. Facebook now seems to look at various currencies. By maintaining the value the same, significant rises or reduces in value are much less likely. For traders, this makes such a coinless interesting than the Bitcoin, for instance.

Telegram and signal using your own currency

According to the sources, Telegram and Signal’s cryptocurrency is more comparable to traditional crypto coins like Bitcoin, with the value more fluctuating. To operate on the cryptocurrency, Telegram is said to have raised about $1.7 billion. This coin’s development, called the Gram, is already full by 90 percent. The Mobilecoin, the Signal project, is the smallest of the three coins. Signal has raised $30 million, but there is another $30 million to be added, according to sources.

Would you use these crypto coins to pay with friends or family to each other or would you prefer to use payment request applications, so you can pay in euros? According to sources, in the first half of 2019, the WhatsApp crypto currency will appear. To pay for friends and family, you can use it.

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