IKEA arrives with Tradfri lamps updated and cheaper


IKEA has placed Tradfri series renewed lamps in its webshop. In the second week of March, the updated lamps are anticipated to appear in shops. The lamps are a little brighter, cheaper and more energy-efficient. There are no longer accessible the lamps with the requirements as stated in this article. IKEA has a variety of other Trfadfri lights with distinct rates and requirements in the spectrum.

The IKEA Tradfri series comprises of a smart lighting series that you can use with HomeKit as well. Like other intelligent lighting brands, IKEA’s range includes several versions of the lamps. If you are planning to expand your lighting in the near future, waiting for these new products is advisable, as the updated lamps differ from the current series on a number of points. The greatest change is the slightly reduced price.

IKEA Tradfri Lamps Updated

Users on Reddit have found the fresh lamps. Although the pictures are not yet working, they can be discovered on the IKEA website. We can already obtain some data about the requirements from the website. There are three fresh lamps in total, with three distinct fittings: a lamp E27, GU10, and E14. The bulbs offer a white color spectrum in all three instances, so it’s not the millions of color bulbs.

The fresh E27 lamp costs € 17.95, making the present similar lamp slightly cheaper compared to € 19.95. For the new GU10 version, you pay € 12.95 (now € 14.95), while the E14 version costs € 12.95 rather than € 14.95. All lamps have become € 2 cheaper than the similar variants currently available, but there are more variations to find.

The conventional E27 appropriate lamp now has 980 lumens of brightness at 12 watts, while the updated version has 1000 lumens at 11 watts. This implies the lamp has a slightly greater light output but is more cost-effective at the same moment. With the same amount of lumens (400), the GU10 lamp is only slightly more effective (from 6W to 5W). The lamp of the E14.

The new lamps can not yet be ordered online, but according to IKEA inventory data, they should be accessible in the week of 11 March. In Ikea Heerlen, one customer has already discovered the lamp, although inventory data still suggests that it is not accessible.

Also new bridge update

In addition to the fresh bulbs, an update emerged for the Tradfri bridge. Update 1.8 provides version1.2.214 of the software for the E14 and GU10 lamps. An update for the on / off button and the plug is also available. The outlet for HomeKit does not seem to have been updated. The IKEA plug HomeKit update has earlier been delayed, but this 1.8 update may be in preparing for the HomeKit update for the intelligent plug. The update is still scheduled for the first quarter, according to the official announcements on Reddit.

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