You get more out of your watch’s problems with the Complicate It app


Complicate It is an Apple Watch that allows you to add all sorts of text-based problems to the Apple Watch’s watch face. You can read what we believe of the app in this Complicate It review.

You can add all types of data to your watch face with problems on your Apple Watch. So you can see the weather, your emails, or your train trip data at a glance. Complicate It’s a useful app if you want to get more out of the problems. The app has been around for a while, but you can also create the problems straight on your Apple Watch lately. Is the Apple Watch worth complicating?

Complicate it for reviewing Apple Watch

Complicate It promotes various complications on separate dials of all types. The older dials as well as the recent Apple Watch Series 4 work with Complicate It. The most helpful complications, for instance on the modular dials, are the somewhat more comprehensive versions with text. You can add yourself five kinds of problems: a single word or brief phrase, a scheduled word or phrase, a random word, a countdown, or a badge. The latter is a sign, for instance, with which you show an activity

The most convenient way to complicate yourself is through the iPhone app. All you need to do is select the sort of complication and enter the text that will automatically appear on your Apple Watch’s face. Therefore, you can use the app as a kind of memory assistance by placing something you need to remember on your watch face. Think of a pin code or password, for instance. You don’t have to worry that everyone can read the data because the text will disappear from the screen as quickly as you take off your watch. Only when you carry the Apple Watch yourself (or someone who understands the access code) will the text be noticeable. This is also one of Comp’s most helpful features.


This is an expansion of the scheduled alternative. Instead of the immediate appearance of the phrase or phrase on your watch face, add a date. This implies that the text will only appear on the screen as quickly as it is essential to you, if you have an appointment, for instance. You can simultaneously plan various words or phrases at various moments, which is very useful. So it’s also a kind of reminder app, though other reminder applications on the Apple Watch give much more choices with push notifications, for instance. However, it’s a pity that after addition you don’t get an overview of the problems you’ve planned.

The useful countdown for unique times

Do you look forward to unique or significant times, such as a holiday? Then you can place a countdown on your watch face with Complicate It as well. This works best with the modular dial and the latest Series 4 Infograaf dial. You can see how many days or minutes the event you are setting starts at a glance. So you understand precisely how long you have to wait, for instance, until you can go on holiday. We believe this is one of the app’s most useful features, but it’s a shame the countdown doesn’t occur live. You don’t see the seconds in the complication literally counting down, and that’s a shame.

Finally, you can add to your watch face an icon or a random phrase. The app includes over 70 activity and object icons. Although the practical use is minimal, you can create your watch face a little more personal. You can add some encouraging sentences to the random choice that appears randomly on the dial if you want to cheer up. It’s a good characteristic, but it’s no more.

While setting the problems via the iPhone is simple, it can be performed straight on the Apple Watch as well. That, merely by dictating, is quite easy and very quick. You can set a time for, for example, the planned or countdown complications very accurately through the Digital Crown. This entry technique is particularly helpful if you need to rapidly remember something significant and have no time to grab your iPhone.


Free, but with buy in-app

Complicate It is accessible for free in principle, but there are restricted choices. Only a random term or sentence can be added to your watch face by default. If you want more options like the planned texts or the countdown, you’re paying € 2.29 per item. It’s a heavy amount for what you can do with it. Luckily, there’s also an alternative to immediately unlock everything. That costs you € 6.99, saving you a couple of dollars. You are thus also supporting the application’s further growth, although we still find this quite costly. Therefore, it is best to try the free variant to see if the free option is for you and if you use it in practice frequently.

Complicate Conclusion Review

Complicate It makes the Apple Watch a little more personal as you can add all sorts of text-based problems on your own. The app operates on a multitude of separate dials with significant and minor problems. Taking a fast note and putting it on your watch face is very helpful. In this way, even sensitive information can be stored as soon as you remove the Apple Watch, the text is protected. If you want to count down to something significant, the countdown and scheduled complications come in handy. Consequently, the app is also a kind of reminder app. Because of the restricted opportunities, however, the app will not be able to substitute other reminder applications, although this is not the objective.

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