This way you can switch (and vice versa) from Apple Music to Spotify

Apple Music

Would you like to move to Apple Music from Spotify or vice versa? Transferring everything by hand can be a big task, particularly if your music library is big. Luckily, several services are accessible to assist you to switch from Apple Music to Spotify (or vice versa) and some of them are highlighted.

There are different instruments for switching from a music streaming service. Some are free, you have to pay for others. We always take this tip as an instance to switch from Spotify to Apple Music, but it works the other way around as well. You can switch from Apple Music to Spotify with this as well.

Switch My Music to Tune

Tune My music can be used freely. You get an overview of all your existing playlists by simply logging in with your Spotify account and your Apple ID. You can choose what you want to take with you and what you don’t want anymore. By default, everything is chosen. The next step is to verify the transfer and Tune My Music will transfer all you can match.

If one or more songs can not match, a song is on Spotify and not on Apple Music, for instance. It can also be due to a different name on both services, meaning they can not be found together by the algorithm. Luckily, you will obtain a list of all the numbers that could not be transmitted after transferring.

Switch with Stamp

The stamp is accessible for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android and costs a few euros to use. You have to buy the slightly more costly bundle if you want to handle your account on distinct machines. The service is free if you just want to transfer a few songs. Without payment, you can transfer 10 digits at a moment.

Log in to your Spotify account in the iOS app and select the playlists you want to pass. The transfer can start after logging in with your Apple ID. Stamp’s benefit is that the app operates pretty fast and is beautifully designed.

You can readily transfer your music with Stamp because it operates on your iPhone as well. However, the service does not persuade us, for instance, to choose Tune My Music. You don’t move to a streaming service so often. You’re paying for the little additional comfort you get with Stamp

Switch with SongShift

You can transfer all of your music libraries to your iPhone for a few euros with SongShift. If you want to transfer an album or a playlist, you can also use the free version. Only the iPhone can use SongShift. This app is beautifully intended as well. First, you log in with Spotify and your Apple ID. Now you can choose to transfer an album, playlist or single track. The transfer begins after choice.

SongShift keeps a history of all the songs you’ve already passed on. Practical for when you’re more likely to transfer music and just want to check what you’ve accomplished and haven’t done.

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