For Apple Music, Soor is a fantastic fresh music app

Apple Music app

For Apple Music consumers, Soor is a fresh music app. By swiping and dragging, you regulate the app. The app looks great. Sounds like music for you? You can read what we believe about Soor in our evaluation.

You are fairly linked to Apple’s own Music app as an Apple Music consumer. While the app works fantastic, there is something to be criticized for sure. Alternatives exist, but they often don’t work so well or they don’t look great. Tanmay Sonawane, an Indian developer who has worked on the Soor app in latest months, is jumping into that gap.

Soor: an alternative app for Apple Music

Soor utilizes MusicKit, a tool that enables Apple Music to play content. Some applications are already using this, including Apple’s own Shazam. There’s few like Soor, though. Soor provides all of Apple Music’s features, including the section For You and your own library. To be able to use Soor, you need to give your account approval to the app. Unfortunately, this must be achieved on a monthly basis due to toiOS constraints.

Soor differs greatly from the conventional Music app. The app comprises of one home page with all components on it, rather than components in the tab bar. Although the for you portion is always at the bottom, you can change this design yourself. So you’ve got to scroll a long time before you get to the section For You. It’s somewhat uncertain why you’re always at the bottom. If you prefer not to scroll too far, all other intermediate sections can also be switched off.

Apple Music app

For Apple Music

All suggested playlists are identical to the suggestions in the Apple Music app, both for you and the other sections. There’s no distinction between Soor and the Music app in that regard. Therefore you will discover precisely the same music and lists that have been curated. Still, there are certain constraints for Soor. You can’t remove music from your library and you can’t view your own Apple Music account or your supporters. You have to go back to the regular Music app if you want to.

Soor’s other major benefit is that there are three topics to choose from: light, dark, or black. We believe the best is the dark perspective because it’s not too dark. Apple’s own music app is accessible only in white, so in the early hours, it can be a bit fierce. This will probably alter with iOS 13 later this year. We hope Apple will take Soor as an instance, as we’re a big fan of the different topics.

These options for customization make Soor feel much more personal than the standard Music app. So you’re not only determining the design itself (to some extent), but also the app’s overall appearance. Soor is, therefore, one of the most beautiful and private applications we’ve discussed lately, so it’s an app that many designers can take as an instance. That’s what an app is supposed to look like and you’d almost say Apple built the app itself.

Unique operation

Not only does the app’s appearance impress, but we are also positive about the operating technique. Soor presents a pull-to-reach feature (drag to reach in Dutch). We all now understand the promotion of pull-to-refresh. In Soor, you instantly jump by swiping down to certain features. For instance, the search and settings button can be found at the top right of the home page. You jump to the appropriate product by pulling the screen down and releasing it. Because the displays have become much larger and it is, therefore, harder to achieve the top buttons, this is an ideal solution for the application to function. The following trailer demonstrates how this works.

Numbers drag

This promotion will also be found on other websites, e.g. when viewing your own music library. You can then filter by artist, song or album rapidly with one side or use the search feature. We hope other apps will look closely at Soor and quickly add these sweeping actions as we can’t do without them anymore. If you find this procedure irritating because by error you often go to the incorrect screens, then in the environments you can disable it.

Apple Music app

The ability to drag and drop songs to your queue is another useful service. By holding down a number and dragging it down to the bottom bar, you get the choices for playing this amount as the next number or adding it to the bottom of your queue. You can also enjoy or share a song instantly through the normal share menu. In fact, this is an option to the screen you get when holding down a song in the Music app. We discover these drag activities just a little more enjoyable because they work a little quicker. These drag activities are also accessible when a fresh playlist is being created. You then determine instantly if you want to position the song at the bottom or top of the playlist, making it much quicker.

Apple Music launches

Soor is perfect to listen to your own music and browse through the songs, albums and playlists proposed. Yet you’ll still discover a number of features in Apple Music. You can not listen to radio stations in relation to the aforementioned list of buddies and there is no choice to build one on your own. The app also lacks all Apple Music video material and is less appropriate for future music surveillance. What is also a shame is that normal AirPlay 2 is not supported by the app. AirPlay allows you to stream music, but only to one speaker at a moment. You must use the AirPlay button in the Control Panel to stream to various speakers.

Unfortunately, Soor isn’t free. A relatively elevated price tag of € 10.99 was chosen by the developer. The concept was originally for a subscription model, but a one-off purchase was eventually selected. So this is a bit big and you have to ask if you believe € 10.99 is worth it. There are some very helpful features in the app that are worth attempting, but if you’re satisfied with Apple’s own Music app right now, there’s little reason to deposit € 10.99. The app is also available for the iPhone only, so iPad owners still don’t have anything on the app.

Conclusion Soor review

Soor has become a great music app for users of Apple Music. We are a big fan of the appearance of the app and think it’s very clever to pull-to-reach campaigns. Often it’s faster than Reachability, so getting to the top buttons is easier. Also very helpful for adding songs to your playlist is the Drag & Drop feature. We can imagine the price is just a step too high, certainly because there are still many features missing from Apple Music. Think of the stations, but also the content of the video and the lyrics. There is also (yet) no iPad version, and AirPlay 2 is not supported. However, Soor shows the capabilities of external developers.

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