You can use iMessage on Android with AirMessage


You can use iMessage on an Android phone using AirMessage. You can safely send and obtain iMessage emails with your own server on the Mac.

AirMessage is an intelligent solution for using iMessage on Android, but it won’t work for everyone. For instance, users need a Mac. It has been an exclusive service since the arrival of iMessage in 2011 that you can only use as an Apple customer. This is also a significant reason for many individuals to continue to use an iPhone. By adding more and more features like Animoji to iMessage, Apple is also attempting to give an alternative to WhatsApp.

In fact, there are no technical reasons why Apple stops iMessage for Android. Yet there has never been any indication that Apple is going to work on it. If you still want to use it, you are not entirely excluded from the party as an Android consumer by the free AirMessage service.

AirMessage: The server of your Mac

The free AirMessage app can run your Mac on your own server. A smartphone with Android 6.0 Marshmallow or newer can connect to your Mac anywhere in the globe thanks to port forwarding on your router. Therefore, if you want to use AirMessage, it is essential that your Mac is always on.

You can use iMessage with Android after some other technical environments you need to modify. Apple believes that privacy is of paramount significance, but you sometimes run the risk of being hacked quicker with other facilities. iMessage does not use internal messaging facilities because everything passes through your own home network. Your posts are as safe as they are on an iPhone, promised by the manufacturers.

You might also create a so-called Hackintosh in theory. Then you use macOS on a PC where you can operate the server as well. However, because of the many constraints and protections that Apple has placed in macOS, a Hackintosh is not very reliable.

AirMessage can be downloaded and installed

AirMessage is totally free and with assistance for fresh iMessage functionalities will also be updated in the future. You can download AirMessage for Mac from the developer’s website. You’ll also discover a video that’s simple to comprehend about everything you need to do to make it work. You don’t need a great deal of technical understanding. There’s also a unique Android app that you can download from the Google Play Store for free.

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